Terms & Conditions

    The terms and conditions are applicable between ‘www.investcorners.com’ and the Registered Individual/Organization of ‘www.investcorners.com’.Every Registered User have to agree these terms and conditions in order to use the services of ‘www.investcorners.com’.Every Registered User mean that, he have accepted the Terms & Conditions of ‘www.investcorners.com’.

    Introduction:     ‘www.investcorners.com’ is a webportal,where customers can purchase Furniture and Appliances Online.
    ‘www.investcorners.com’ is just a resource between customer and seller.Registered customer is responsible for uploading legal and correct data.seller is completely responsible for the furniture and appliances uploaded in portal or sold.

    Customer:     To obtain services of ‘www.investcorners.com’,an individual must register to ‘www.investcorners.com’.After registration is completed successfully,’Registered User’ can purchase any furniture or appliance based on availability.In case of any inconvinence the user can contact us.For contacting us click here, WhatsApp Here

    Seller:     It is the Seller responsibility to upload correct data and sell proper goods to buyer/customer. ’www.investcorners.com’ has authority to take legal action on the seller who uses 'www.investcorners.com' candidates details for his personal purpose. ’www.investcorners.com’ is a website for official purpose,but not ment for personal use.

    1. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: For Customer:
- They can search for available products to purchase.
- Make payment and book products online.

For Seller:
- Create product listing on portal.
- Sell products.

    The Services provided by www.investcorners.com includes Providing customers details, internet browser interface, WAP interface, data transmission, data access, data storage and application programming interface access.
    To facilitate www.investcorners.com Services, Users must register to ‘www.investcorners.com’ . User have to complete a registration process by providing all current, complete and accurate information. Providing wrong details might result in blockage of the account. The Mobile Number will be the UserID of the registered Users.’www.investcorners.com’ will send a "Verifiction Number" to the Mobile Number of the User at the time of registration process. The User can login to the ‘www.investcorners.com’ website using his/her “username(Mobile Number)” and “password”. If any Updations are there in Mobile Number user has to update his Mobile Number from time to time.
    PROCUCTS: We sell Furniture and Appliances through our portal. Where customers can buy based on availability.
    Purchased products should be given for rent to Invest Corners     Invest Corners pays monthly rent to each and every product for a period of 60months. Further details will be available in www.Invest Corners.com

    2. User Eligibility:     To avail the services of www.investcorners.com, the User should be an individual resident of India.

    3. Privacy:     www.investcorners.com respects the privacy of www.investcorners.com users.'www.investcorners.com' assures that it will not monitor,edit,or disclose any personal information about the Users of ‘www.investcorners.com’. ’www.investcorners.com’ may violate users privacy in case of     (a) For legal requirements or comply with the legal process.     (b) Protect and defend the rights or property of www.investcorners.com     (c) Enforce this agreement or protect www.investcorners.com business reputation     (d) Respond to request for identification in connection with claim of copyright or trademark infringement by the User, or a claim by a third party that the User is using the Service in connection with an infringing, illegal or improper activity     (e) Act to protect the interests of the User or others.

    4. User Obligations:     ‘www.investcorners.com’ prohibits any Personal use of www.investcorners.com services. The User gives irrevocable agreement to abide by all the applicable local, national and international laws and regulations and is solely responsible for all acts or omissions (that occur under his/her account or password). The User agrees not to:     (a) Use the Service in illegal manner.     (b) Collect information about others, including email addresses, without their consent.     (c) Create a wrong identity mobile phone,address,email-ID attempt to mislead others.     (d) Transmit through the Service, associate with the Service or publishing with the Service unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable material of any kind or nature.     (e) Engage in any other activity that www.investcorners.com believes could subject it to criminal liability or civil penalty or judgment.

    5. LIMITATIONS     www.investcorners.com assumes no responsibility for the deletion or failure to store information. ’www.investcorners.com’ reserves the right, to determine whether or not the User's conduct is consistent with the letter and spirit of the Service Agreement and may terminate the Service if the User's conduct is found to be inconsistent with the Agreement.’www.investcorners.com’ with prior notification, limit the amount of storage space available to each Member.

    6. NO WARRANTIES OR LIABILITIES     ‘www.investcorners.com’ is not responsible for any damage,loss incurred by whomever and resulting from use of service and internet generally,access to the www.investcorners.com website,access to websites linked to www.investcorners.com,services available from the www.investcorners.com website, the user acknowledges and agrees that is at its own risk and that ‘www.investcorners.com’ is available without any warranties or conditions whatsoever, express or implied.’www.investcorners.com’ will put efforts to make access to ‘www.investcorners.com’ available to the user.But there is no warrenty or guarantee that the user will be able to access ‘www.investcorners.com’ at any time or location.

    7. Cancellation & Refund Policy     www.investcorners.com believes in helping its customers as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal cancellation policy. Under this policy:
    • Users can cancel order before bill gets generated. Cancellation charges will be applicable for cancelling the order.     • There is no cancellation of orders placed after bill gets generated.
    • Refund will be given only if we are unable to assign specific product to specific buyer.